Using Springerle Molds to Make Gorgeous Wedding Cookies in Houston, TX

Everything You can Use on Springerle Molds

The fancy style and sentimental themes of Springerle molds make them ideal for all parts of a wedding.

6The molds make beautiful wedding cookies in Houston, TX, cake embellishments and cupcake toppers.

You can make a scope of wedding stylistic theme utilizing Springerle Joy molds, from room and seat improvements to centerpieces, table settings, favors, and an Advice Tree for a glad marriage. Selecting molds that ladies will love, and heating cookies in a scope of flavors, hues, all dunked in tinted white chocolate.


Tables loaded with plates of cookies are an indication of sweet accommodation for showers and weddings.

You can try little hearts painted with radiance tidies. Springerle cookies are anything but difficult to paint in light of the fact that the brought surfaces keep you up in the lines.

There are numerous molds, both hearts and different themes that make incredible wedding cookies in Houston, TX.

Treat Favors

Extensive and little Springerle cookies make adorable customized supports, and hold the expenses down also! Tie your preferred sacks with the lace.

Cupcake Toppers

Cupcakes are famous at today’s weddings. Tint white fondant with nourishment colors,roll out, press in the molds and cut out with treat cutters. For smaller than expected cupcakes, utilize a little, 1-1/2 cutter and harvest your most loved part of a treat mold plan.

Cards and Invitations

You can make shocking embellishments utilizing Springerle molds and Delight, a lightweight nontoxic demonstrating compound. Paint with pearlized water hues and pearlizing medium for a rich impact.


You can make decorations from springerle molds utilizing non-dangerous paper earth. Permit couple of days to air dry. At that point paint with acrylic paints. See our free creating video for tips and traps.

Napkin Ring

A plain wooden ring was changed into an exquisite napkin ring utilizing gold splash paint. A paper earth impression of Two Birds (3704) was painted utilizing metallic acrylic paint and attached to the ring utilizing heated glue.


You can make a banner made with paper earth impressions of Rose in Oval. Organizing fabrics were cut into triangles utilizing pinking shears and strip was utilized to associate them.

Joyfully Ever After

Make your own particular Advice Tree for visitors. Make and paint paper earth impressions of your most loved mold. Append paper on the back of every mold. Invite your visitors to compose their guidance for a cheerful marriage and have them enrich the tree!

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